Vegan, gluten free and better for you

Serving superfood lattes, specialty coffee and vegan breakfast foods. Whether you need some delicious high-quality espresso or some healthy superfoods to fuel your day, we got the goods! We serve our lattes with Oatly oat milk and work hard to purchase our coffee from ethical and sustainable sources. 

Superfood Lattes

  • Spicy Chocolate Gold

  • Choca Maca Mushroom

  • Chai

  • Matcha

  • Golden Milk

Specialty Coffee

  • Latte

  • Maple Latte

  • Cappuccino

  • Flat White

  • Cortado

  • Americano

Vegan/GF Eats

  • GBC Breakfast Sandwich

  • Banana Nugget Cookies

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The Story

A man and his bus

Hi, my names Dustin. I’m the owner, operator and founder of the “Green Bus Café”. The story of the Green Bus emerged from a dream to start a food truck from a bit of an untraditional approach to mobile food. From the beginning I wanted to create a business that was environmentally sustainable and health conscious. Ever since I was a young teen, I’ve been obsessed with the 1960’s and 70’s era. From the clothes to the music and of course those sweet, sweet Volkswagen Buses! As I gave this passion more thought, I began to connect the dots. What if I had a “food bus” instead of a food truck?! One challenge is the size. VW Buses are quite small compared to the large step trucks used for mobile food. More influences came into play, like my love for exploring new coffee shops wherever I traveled. I had romanticized the idea of working at a local café as a Barista and how interesting and social that lifestyle must be. Then it struck me, maybe I should open up my own café out of an old VW Bus! I found the Green Bus (before it got its name) in Raleigh, NC after looking for months online for the perfect one. When it came to fabricate the bus into a mobile café, I decided I wanted to take a DIY approach to the project. Doing everything myself if at all possible because I was starting this business almost entirely from my savings that I collected from working in my previous career in tech. I learned SO much along the way. Like how to lay wood flooring, 27 ways how NOT to do a plumbing job AND how to replace an accelerator cable that snapped at 70mph on the highway! This process has been one of the most amazing, humbling and brutal experiences of my life. I have truly put my blood, sweat and tears into this business on multiple occasions. And at the end of the day I couldn’t be more proud of the final product. I present to you, Green Bus Café!


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Catering & Events

Every event could use a latte

Rolling up to your event in style with all those nostalgic 1970’s retro vibes. The Green Bus Café can be the refreshing halftime your guests need. Not to mention a great talking piece! Whether it’s an art showing, live music venue, family reunion, or your wedding day, the Green Bus is here to add excitement to your event. We offer Superfood Lattes, Specialty Coffee, Healthy Baked Goods and our delicious GBC Breakfast Sandwiches (breakfast is even better for dinner!). Our menu is available to be changed based on your specific needs. Just need coffee? No problem. Breakfast for a crowd? We’ve got you! We use low noise inverter generators that run off clean LPG fuel and source our ingredients from businesses we’ve researched and trust. Mostly Organic, Always 100% Plant-Based and Gluten-Free. Please send us an inquiry in the contact section below or email us with any questions and details about your event. We look forward to rolling with you soon!


“There is nothing better than a friend, 

except for a friend with a latte.” 

Wind Turbines

Our Home

We can make a difference and it's our responsibility to do so

At Green Bus Café we believe in a world where business owners work hard to do the right thing, for their customers and for the planet. It’s my philosophy that food providers have an ethical responsibility to give consumers honest information, quality food and work in accordance with nature. The goal isn’t to be perfect or be the best, it’s to be the best that we can be. I know an old Volkswagen isn’t the most carbon friendly road-warrior. But there is something to be said about repurposing an old vehicle to perform a new task! Green Bus Café will always use compostable cups and food-ware containers. There’s a compost bin for you to dispose of your waste, that will later get turned into soil. And we recycle all of the plant milk cartons we use. The original idea was to run this operation entirely off of solar and battery energy. I researched tirelessly and came to the sad conclusion that there simply is not the technology yet to produce enough power to run a small café with solar. So, I did the next best thing and bought some really nice inverter generators that run off of LPG (liquid propane gas). After doing my homework I found that propane is actually quite the clean burning fuel and does not contribute to green-house gas emissions or poison our lakes and forests like gas does. The Green Bus Café is also looking for an organization to donate a portion of its proceeds to help aid in the preservation and health of the planet we call home. So, you will know with every latte or snack you purchase you will be supporting something much bigger than this local small business <3


The Health

 side of things

the good the bad the tasty

“Healthy”. What an interesting word with many different interpretations. This word holds both individual, ideo­­logical, political, religious and corporate-bias connotations. Well, what is healthy? This is honestly a question I’ve wrestled with a lot, especially starting a food business that I wanted to be more health centric. The dictionary defines it as: indicative of, conducive to, or promoting good health. I like to think the Green Bus embodies that definition quite well. The food we will be serving from the Green Bus Café will be as minimally processed and use as few ingredients as possible. We will always try our best to source organic ingredients and you can rest assured that we will do our homework before we use any ingredients in our food and beverages. We believe that diets can vary widely between humans, but that a predominantly Plant-Based diet is ideal for most people. We also believe that wheat, particularly grown in the U.S. is not easily digestible. We don’t think consuming wheat often is a particularly good health move, so we are choosing to stay away from wheat and gluten containing products. If we have a product that contains wheat or gluten, it will be properly labelled. The other major thing we find important around health is transparency. We want you to know as much about what you’re putting in your body as you feel important to know. That is why we plan to list all the ingredients we use often on our menu, along with where we source those ingredients. As soon as we get that information together there will be a link to continue learning about our food, ingredients and everything up to the cup and dish you receive. 

Cocoa Powder
Organic Tumeric
Cinnamon Sticks

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