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Welcome to the GBC!

The Green Bus Café started in 2020 as a humble little mobile coffee shop operating out of a converted 1976 volkswagen microbus. Our focus has always been to offer a product with integrity. Doing our best to source our ingredients as sustainably and ethically as possible. Creating a product that we ourselves enjoy, feel good about and are excited to share with our community. 


In 2023 we expanded our single bus operation with a small tear drop trailer and tent setup for the fast-paced farmers markets. This addition to the family was lovingly coined the “Green Bus Mini." This year, we are proud to be setting our roots into physical locations. We are still operating the original green bus for limited public events and regular private catering. We are excited to continue our growth into fully operational coffee shops around the Denver, CO area. 

GBC Values


We’re more than our coffee—we're a groovy little community that welcomes all. We cherish meaningful connections among our team, our beloved customers, and our local community. As we expand into physical locations, our vision remains clear: serve great coffee, cultivate a genuine space of belonging, and make a positive impact within the communities we serve. 

Reducing Our Waste

From the beginning, one of our missions has been to redefine our approach to the coffee industry by reducing our waste and promoting awareness around the impact we all have on our environment. We are committed to crafting exceptional coffee experiences while minimizing our environmental footprint at every step of the process. Unfortunately, there is inherent waste within any business, but by utilizing compostable materials in both the back and front of house, partaking in plastic bag recycling, using non-toxic and plant-derived cleaning agents, and composting through the SCRAPS program, we truly do our best to be conscious and kind inhabitants of this earth. 


It’s incredibly important for us to be transparent about our products, values, and our vision. We want to be the best we can possibly be, and for us, that looks like remaining open-minded to new information as well as individuals’ experiences in our community. We believe this is one of the most compassionate practices we can integrate into our everyday mission here at GBC.

Specialty & Sustainability

We don’t just preach sustainability, we do our best to practice it! As a specialty coffee business, our commitment extends beyond the cup. Our coffee is sourced from family-operated farms that not only prioritize sustainability, but also provide sustainable and ethical work environments for the individuals growing and harvesting our beans. This is a non-negotiable in our sourcing. Additionally, our drinks have and always will be crafted with our customer’s health in mind, using organic and minimally processed ingredients wherever we can. See our menu page for more about our ingredients and sourcing!

Know Better, Do Better

We set out to create a business built on integrity. With that, there are a lot of challenges we have to navigate as a small business that sometimes result in a compromise. We do our best to transform these challenges into growth opportunities. Every year, we evaluate where we are and where we can improve. Growing, changing, and pivoting as we continue to learn more.

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